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Homies Moving Services

- Mar 9, 2016

I caught up with the homies while they were moving this recently divorced Milf out of her Beverly Hills home. They let me know that she was being a real bitch about her stuff and was making them work way more on what they had agreed on, tempers were flaring. But you know they found the time to check out her sexy ass body, this milf Kendra was stacked. Once the moving job was done this lady had the audacity to want to pay with a black card, c’mon man…you know the crew doesn’t take cards, cash only CASH ONLY Baby! She tried to come up with a plan to go to the ATM, but the squad wasn’t having that: Fuck the CASH it was time for ASS! The moving truck became a train cause all three of them had a turn at that pussy. Shit was wild, Kendra swallowed a whole bunch of black dick, and her seasoned pussy got miles of pitch-dark pipe. Things get real in the hood, Enjoy!

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Alexis Golden The BBC Hungry Mom

- Mar 9, 2016

Today me n the boys head out to scout a crib for a shoot we are doing. We get there and the owner had us go through the back due to the “neighbors” n shit. We get greeted by this fine ass white lady. Mm mm i tell you this white girl was stacked huge ass tits and a fat ass with bronze skin and blonde hair. The boys got excited for sure as did myself. So she is taking us through the house and as she does i just eye her the hole time. We get to her and her husbands bedroom and she is extremely hesitant on letting s in but with some convincing about how we need to see the hole house she lets us go in to check it out. The boys are already asking her some questions about her n her man. After a few more and requests for the camera she strips and thats when the fun starts. This white mom really got a surprise with 3 black cocks popping out. She was hungry you can tell like her man has not given her a fucking in a long time. She took those cocks all in her white milf cunt with her huge ass tits bouncing all over the place letting out some great moans, I’m sure the whole neighborhood heard them.

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