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Blacks on moms is your source interracial gang bang videos. We are tired of all these fake ass videos of bitches trying to make love on camera and calling it there first interracial scene when that’s not how it really goes down. So we put together a crew of the biggest black dicks in the bizz that aren’t afraid to get Hardcore and set them loose on the hottest Milfs we could find, you’re not going to find real interracial videos like this anywhere else. Bet!

Wife Gia Giacomo Gets 2 Black Cocks to Play With

- Dec 15, 2016

Gia is horny and ready for some naughty fun! Her husband sets up two guys to come by and fuck his wife while he got to record. Watch her suck both of the big rods until she’s ready to start getting her pussy stretched. The guys take turns fucking her while she maintains her mouth filled with cock. After some pussy pounding from multiple positions she gets her hard earned load on her face and sends the guys home with a big smile.

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Busty MILF with a huge ass takes on two cocks

- Dec 1, 2016

Cristal is a super hot MILF that gives spanish lessons and a great fucking. The guys have her over and try to get some good threesome action and Cristal did not disappoint. Watch this big tit huge ass milf on both of these big cocks at the same time. She sucks them hard and fucks them good until she gets her hard earn loads all over her.

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Milf Bangs Mechanics For Free Car Service

- Oct 20, 2016

Maggie Green was on her way out the door when her car just didn’t want to start. she called over the mechanics. But when two young black men showed up she just couldn’t resist. she jumped at the opportunity of getting her pussy blasted by the two of them. She put on the moves hard and got her way. They pounded her pink gash all over her garage before busting two giant loads all over that milf face of hers.

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Horny MILF takes on 2 basketball studs

- Sep 12, 2016

This week we found us a good old mom who likes herself some good black dick. Ok check this out, we were playing at the park a few weeks back when this mark shows up and asked us if wanted to play basketball right. We let him watch us from the sideline. Well then he thought he was down and asked us if wanted to come and watch the game right, we’re like he looks like a rich white guy probably has a like a big ass tv and a small dick right. So we took him up on his offer to go watch the finals. When we got there this marks had a small 17 inch LCD and some cheap beer and shit. So we’re like ok let's just watch the game and get the fuck out of here, right, but not all was what it seemed to appear. The guys wife was behind us making all sorts of eye contact with us. She had like the come fuck me eyes. So I asked my boy to cause a distraction and I excused myself, went over there. We started making out and she was grabbing my dick and shit. I had my hand in her pussy, it was all wet. Then I went back to the couch and let my homeboy smell my hand. Then he got up and she sucked his dick in the kitchen. All the while this mark was too busy watching the game. So then we told him to go on a beer run and get us some of the good shit from far up town. After he left,She told us she been wanting some black dick since we got here. We took turn on his wife, fucking her on the couch. She was sucking my dick and taking dick in her pussy. We ran a train on her and she loved it. The team may have lost the game but we won that day. Her husband showed up and caught us right after we nutted, but it was too late we bounced and took the good beer too.

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Eva Long Gets Fucked Long Dick Style

- Aug 29, 2016

Eva Long is one horny chick. She couldn’t wait for her husband to come home. So she decided to get it on with two door to door religious type dudes who knocked at her door. They just so happen to have what she loves and craves, big black cocks!! She let them in and started blowing both of them. They pounded her pussy all over her living room. One dick down her throat and the other one deep in her vaginal crevice. All culminating with two giant loads to the face

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Angry MILF gets double penetrated

- Aug 15, 2016

Angry milf Syren De Mer comes to the school to demand a reason why her kid is not a starter on the basketball team. After the principal and coach let her know that its mostly because of lack of skills she decides to work out a deal with the guys. This Angry MILF goes wild on both of their big cock by deep throating and all. The guys ended up tag teaming her from multiple positions and she even got big rod in her ass. The guys double penetrated her and watch her love every inch of it!

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